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We, in Jasta Boelcke, use the Teamspeak 3 communication system. If you already have it these are the steps for you to find us

Server address :

Password: 1917

This will get you in the ''Unofficial Rise of Flight TS server''

Then go to the main, unlocked, Jasta 2 ''Boelcke'' channel and greet us!

If you do not have TS installed, go to:


Then to the ''Downloads'' tab (top right) and select Teamspeak 3.
Download the CLIENT corresponding to your computer's operating system. Don't worry it is free.
When you finally open the TS go to the ''connections'' tab, press ''connect'' and then fill in the server address and the password as stated above. You will have to enter your nickname as well.
Log into our channel and that's it!