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Mission Statement

We are friends, from around the world, who were brought together through their love and enthusiasm for the Rise of Flight.

We are members of Jasta 2 because we believe that by belonging to a squad, we enhance our gaming experience, we individually become better pilots, we get more immersed into the role of a WW I pilot and because we want to train together so as to become more effective as a unit.

We are proud of the “J2” tag we have in front of our names. Not because Jasta 2 was a legendary German unit of WW I, but because during the 3 years of our virtual Jasta's existence, we are the people who by their conduct, behavior and in some cases skill, made the J2 tag recognizable and respected in the multi-player servers.

Each of us has his own ideas of what is fun. Some of us like the totally realistic way of flying while others like a more loose gaming. We respect everyone's wishes and fly, occasionally, in every style.

We want to keep Jasta 2 “Boelcke” alive. Therefore we shall :

  1. Fly as regularly as possible. We will achieve that by flying on the time proposed by other squad members, or even propose the time that suits us if we see that our real life hinders our availability for flying.
  2. Try hard to participate in on-line events. We will try to find them out and tell our squad mates about them.
  3. Build a website, a home for our Jasta that will act as a banner, a rally point and an advertisement for us.
  4. Behave to our squad mates with frankness, respect and friendship.
  5. Conduct ourselves, in the multi-player servers, with honour.